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Home clocks range from digital alarm clocks to wall-hanging clocks and yes, they still even sell those wind-up alarm clocks with a face—you know, the ones with the annoying ring to them that sounds like a fire alarm and that round little button that you slap as you get out of bed.

Round home clocks

You can find a wide variety of home clocks that hang nicely on the walls of your home, adding to the décor and style of the place you live in, whether it be an apartment, a house, a trailer, or whatever! Many people have several wall hanging home clocks set up in different rooms of their homes, apartments, trailers, etc. Round wall hanging clocks are not only defined by their shape, the shape is only part of the overall design. I have seen many clocks with mirrors in the background behind the hands, also clocks with black and burgundy modern designs (which are my personal favorite), but these modern stylistic designs that are available to choose from to match your home décor come in many tones and colors. Sometimes you can find the best hanging clocks in the homes department of your local department store.

Other Home Clocks:

In addition to round clocks are clocks of all shapes and sizes, which include every style you could possibly imagine, abstract, vintage, modern, etc.

These can be found in many different designs, shapes, colors and backgrounds. They can be made of materials ranging from plastics to wood to stainless steel etc. They are not always round in shape, but they are almost never digital. I have seen wall hanging clocks in the kidney shape, in Picasso-like shapes, in the shapes of octagons etc.

Kid’s clocks:

Kids home clocks can come in plain, circular shapes, square shapes or more modern shapes, with popular designs for kids rooms, such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck clocks.

Teenager’s clocks:

Clocks for your teen’s room come in many shapes and styles as well, and are designed especially for teenagers with the more in-style designs for that age group, for example: football designs or horses or dancers.

What I recommend for kitchen clocks are round clocks with hands and white backgrounds (or another solid color, if you choose) that are stenciled or painted in the background with a design that matches your kitchen perfectly. Some such clocks you can just find by going out and shopping, others will need to be custom made. My kitchen clock I purchased with a painted design of ivy in a circling the edge of the plain, round, white clock to match my ivy curtains, my ivy plant, and the ivy stencil on the wall.

Digital home clocks:

Most people use digital home clocks as their alarm clocks. Get a digital home clock with a snooze button (I need one), and that is easy to use—you do not want to be late for work because your alarm clock was not set right.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on home clocks and other decor please visit Decorative Clocks.

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