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Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather Clock Repair
By Kristy Annely

A well-made grandfather clock is an heirloom piece, designed to be handed down from generation to generation. As such, they are made to last over several lifetimes. In fact, some grandfather clocks from the 1700s and 1800s are still in existence today. With such a long lifespan, it is inevitable that grandfather clocks will occasionally need repair.

If your grand father clock needs repair, first check to see if it is under warranty. Most new clocks come with some type of limited warranty. If it is still under warranty, read the terms of the warranty carefully. Most will have specific procedures to follow for repairs. Grandfather clock repair is available at local clock repair shops. To find one, look in your local yellow pages. You could also do an internet search for “grandfather clock repair in [town].”

If you would like to try to fix your clock yourself, visit the website entitled “How to Repair Clocks.” It gives some tips on such items as “pendulum will not swing,” “runs too fast or slow,” “chimes out of sequence,” and “weights refuse to fall.” The website also offers instructional videos on how to repair clocks. If all else fails, they have a nationwide directory of clock repair shops.

If you need to replace a broken part, some companies or individuals do sell grandfather clock parts. The How to Repair Clocks website offers a short list of companies who sell clock parts. Grandfather clock parts are sometimes available at online auction sites.

If your grandfather clock movement stops working, you can buy a replacement movement at companies specializing in clock movements. While grandfather clock movement repair is available, it is usually less expensive to replace rather than fix.

Whether you are interested in fixing your clock yourself or hiring someone else to do it, there are an abundance of resources available.

Grandfather Clocks Info provides detailed information on antique, contemporary, discount, English, and German grandfather clocks, as well as kits and repair information. Grandfather Clocks Info is the sister site of Cuckoo Clocks Web.

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