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Where to Find Cuckoo Clock Parts

By Kristy Annely

In some places, one might be able to find old men bent over tables with all of the knowledge, expertise and inventory of parts that are necessary to fix a broken or malfunctioning cuckoo clock. For those of us who donít have the time or desire to seek out such eccentric craftsmen, the Internet has become a haven for locating and purchasing any of the hundreds of individual minute pieces that make up a Black Forest cuckoo clock. You may find, however, that purchasing small replacement parts and having them shipped to your house is more expensive than the total cost of replacing your worn cuckoo clock with a new one.

For those who have become attached to their old clocks, however, and also for those interested in creating their own working cuckoo clocks, the Internet holds a wealth information regarding parts, suppliers and the construction of the inner workings of cuckoo clocks, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

One key site for these types of purchases, clockworks.com, is a well-known supplier of clock parts to the repair industry. There you can find books on the history of almost any timepiece, manuals detailing the intricacies of their construction and almost all of the necessary parts to keep your cuckoo clock running perfectly for a long, long time. Working from pictures of the individual parts, clockworks.com makes it simple and easy to find the exact part you need, be it what actually imitates the sound of the cuckoo bird or what keeps accurate time. From bushings to bellows, from hands, to numerals, to special cuckoo epoxy, everything can be found and ordered directly from this site. Should you have any questions, clockworks.com will quickly respond to your emails or phone calls with precise, accurate information regarding your request.

Short of getting on a plane from wherever you may be located and flying for hours into the Black Forest of Germany, renting a car, and traveling to one of the small towns dotted throughout the area to find the manufacturer of your particular cuckoo clock, the internet is the single best resource to find the parts necessary to keep your cuckoo clock running perfectly.

Cuckoo Clocks Info provides detailed information on Black Forest, antique, and quartz cuckoo clocks, as well as parts, repair, movement, kits, manufacturer reviews, and advice on where to purchase discount clocks. Cuckoo Clocks Info is the sister site of Grandfather Clocks Web.

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